Tools to provide ease of use for AEM DevOps & admins to maintain AEM instances in terms of repository size and user security aspects.

User Status Report

AEM instances contain various users who are inactive or are not required in the system anymore. User Status Report is a tool that provides a detailed report of users (Active/Inactive/Disabled/System) present in the AEM instance. It also provides features to disable inactive users or delete users. Read More

Package Purging

It is a wizard to manage the repository size by deleting obsolete packages in bulk to free up valuable space. Use this tool to avoid the time-consuming task of deleting multiple packages one by one by purging them with a single click of button. It also provides information about space consumption by packages and gives the ability to download the package before deletion. Read More

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A collection of tools for making reporting activities and release procedures simpler. It has various wizards to enhance out-of-the-box features of AEM.

Selective Content Packaging

This tool simplifies the tiresome task of package creation from a long list of filters. All users need is to upload an Excel workbook containing the list of paths and other package details. It also provides options to select or deselect DAM renditions and child nodes for packaging. Read More

Content Report

This tool gives modification/replication status of content pages within a specified timeline. It has features to filter content which has been modified but not replicated yet. It also provides the capability to export the report. The report gathered from this tool can be used as an input to Selective Replication or Selective Content Packaging utilities. Read More

Selective Replication

It is a utility to perform bulk activation, deactivation or deletion by uploading a path-task list via an Excel workbook and gives users an ability to select various available replication agents. It enhances AEM Tree Activation by providing the capability to select paths for activation along with specific replication agents to apply to. It also provides an archive console for future audits. Read More

Components Usage Report

This utility enriches the features of OOTB Live Component Usage Report by providing a multi-site, multi-component reporting feature. It is great for content editors or admins since they can add comments for components. The tool provides a detailed report of nested components and components present in iparsys. Users can export reports using this console. Read More

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